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We are now open for business! Maximum amount of people in the building is limited to 30 at any one time. We are COVID ready please click on the ‘View Our Policies’ menu button to see our COVID risk assesment.


When compulsory education came in seriously, around 1860/70, General Bouverie built a School in Hardingstone which educated children up to 11 years old until the 1960/70s.
The primary school was transferred to a modern building in Martin’s Lane and the Old School came under the powers of Social Services, who hired it to the Hardingstone Village Hall Association to be used as a resource for the local community.
The association still manage the hall today and it is available to hire for anything from a dance class to a private party or even a murder mystery dinner.

Hardingstone Village Hall montage

These days, the village hall is the hub of the village with many groups and private parties using it on a regular basis.  In recent times it has been used for dance classes, rehearsals for the local drama group, pre-school groups, a meeting place for the camera club, wine club and WI and even as a religious venue.
The hall has a small front yard, tarmacked to provide onsite parking and a low brick wall at the front topped by iron railings.


It is a single story brick building with three square pyramidic roofs. Inside there are two main rooms, the Richard Gibbs room and the Friends Room.
For more information on each room and a booking calendar for each please click on the links on the top left hand side of this page.
Thanks to the performance and entertainment licences held by the hall, all you need is your personal TENS license to make the space in to whatever you need it to be.
For more information please contact the manager and we will be happy to help.

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